Orange Juice Alkaline

Alkaline Fruits

Orange juice is one of the most important juices and is used as a key ingredient in making cocktails. Other alkaline fruits include citrus fruits, tropical fruits and berries. To squeeze most juice out of your fruits, bring them to room temperature. Before squeezing, rub the fruits against your palm or on a hard surface. These fruits can also be put in a microwave for about 30 seconds before squeezing them to get the juice. By doing this, you are sure to get most juices out of fresh orange fruits.

Though it is not advisable to consume lots of alkaline foods, their nutritional value is essential. The human pH is influenced by different things such as temperature and diet. Recent research also showed that people who take lots of water or eat foods that have high alkaline content are at risk of low immunity and diseases. They are advised to purchase a pH paper to test the levels of their pH based on the saliva and urine.

Lemon and orange juice turn alkaline after being metabolized in the body though they are acid in their natural state.

The nutrition value of orange juice

The orange is mostly known for their high concentration of vitamin C. This is made without fermentation. By drinking a single glass of orange juice, you fulfill your daily value of vitamin C. Orange juice also contains useful nutrients and minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium. Another benefit of fruits such as the orange is that it has no cholesterol as it contains no fat. Relying on packaged orange juices is not healthy as it is difficult to store orange juice. Packaged juices contain preservatives, and this comes with calories, unlike homemade orange juice.

Orange Juice Alkaline Fact Sheet:

  • The vitamin C in oranges helps in boosting immunity in the body. It as a high concentration of antioxidants that are essential in the building and repair of cells. It also protects body cells from damage.

Vitamin C helps our bodies fight diseases and infections. Scientists have also established that it has great cancer fighting properties that neutralize free radicals. Consuming sufficient amounts of vitamin C provides our bodies with good health in general.

  • Potassium and Magnesium are minerals found in oranges. Those suffering from High blood pressure are mostly recommended taking lots of orange juice as these minerals help to lower the increased blood pressure.
  • Fatal diseases such as heart disease and stroke are also reduced by taking orange juice.
  • For healthy development of the foetus, pregnant ladies are advised to take lots of orange juice too; due to the high concentration of calcium in orange juice, a baby develops strong bones and teeth.
  • As a result,  an orange’s anti-inflammatory properties, drinking orange juice helps to prevent and also treat arthritis.
  • Orange juice is also believed to increase the metabolic rate of the body.


As we all know, too much of something is poisonous; therefore, orange juice should be consumed in moderation as it is highly concentrated with sugars. It is also recommended that you only take one or two glasses in a day as the acid level in the orange is not healthy especially if you’re having a stomach upset – remember, it becomes alkaline only after being metabolized.

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