The Alkaline Diet For A Healthier You

You have probably heard of the term, the alkaline diet, a thousand times, but never paid attention. It is also referred to as acid ash diet, alkaline ash diet or even alkaline acid diet. This diet actually describes a group of acidic foods that are believed to regulate the PH of blood as well as all the body fluids. These ingredients are, therefore, used to prevent and treat diseases. Research has been done and shows that this diet reduces the stress on the homeostatic natural mechanisms in the body that is very important for sound health. Traditionally, this diet advocates for staying away from foods such as cheese, meat, grains and poultry so that you can make the urine have a higher PH or become more alkaline. This is necessary since it prevents recurrent urinary tract infections abbreviated as UTIs as well as nephrolithiasis or what is referred to as kidney stones.

Scientific findings

Some time back, scientific studies showed that the alkali diet hypothesis was a possible risk for osteoporosis. However, the scientific evidence available today doesn’t support this hypothesis. Alternative medicine practitioners have also used the term as such diets prevent and treat heart disease, cancer among other illnesses. Well, the claims are not backed up by concrete medical evidence; they just make assumptions about the functions of these diets.

The Truth About Alkaline Diet Foods

As we all know, it is the foods that we eat that either breaks or makes our health. The veg and fruits we eat are the main source of energy for our bodies. Since our bodies are naturally alkaline, not acidic, in nature, the alkalinity in fruits and vegetables is what keeps our bodies ticking. The importance of eating food high in alkalinity cannot be overstated.

Alkali forming:

1.            Vegetables

Vegetables are the main source of alkalinity. The best way to have your vegetables is to eat them when raw. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, cucumber, kale, asparagus, corn and other green vegetables are examples of vegetables. In meal preparation and recipies, these foods can be used in salads or boiled in soups. Their healing power is weakened, and the nutrient value reduced if they are cooked. There are other herbs such as the basil, cayenne and ginger that have the alkali value that helps in the treatment of colon cancer and lungs. These herbs are also beneficial in reducing acidic levels in the body.

2.            Fruits

Fruits rich in alkalinity are mostly eaten raw and do not need to be tossed in salads or chopped.

To make the most of an alkali diet composed of fruits, take them with cereals or a snack in the morning. Examples of alkali fruits are bananas, avocados, apples, coconuts, dates, figs, melons as well as berries. To boost your immune system, eat lots of fruits.

There are other meal items and recipes that you can consume on a daily basis that are also categorized as alkali in nature – proteins. They are alkaline rich and are very important for the body’s metabolism. These proteins include cheese, soy milk and goat milk. Nuts are also highly recommended for their alkalinity – be inventive and create your own recipes using nuts.

The benefits of alkali diet foods

  • The body is able to flush out toxins created from acid food ingestion, as a result of taking fruits and vegetables. The consumption of alkaline food controls the acid level of your blood. They also prevent illnesses caused by high levels of acidity in the body.
  •  People believe that weight loss is influenced by taking alkaline foods. If taking low content of meat and consuming lots of fruits and vegetables, weight loss is natural. It is also believed that the high levels of acid are responsible for weight gain.
  • If you’re suffering from suffering from acid flux, take plenty of alkali food. They will bring relief.
  • During the day, alkali foodstuffs help you remain stronger. This is because fatigue is usually caused by the increase of acidity level in the body.
  • It has been revealed that from following healthy recipes and eating meals with high alkaline levels, you can relieve arthritis pain. These foods are said to eliminate painful diseases from the human body though no extensive research has been done on this.

Alkaline food items are also believed to cure allergies, cancer and obesity. All the above benefits have not yet been proven. They are based on testimonials from people who have used alkali foodstuffs recipes in their diets. It is, therefore, important to seek medical advice if you suffer from any of the above conditions.

Why an alkaline diet is an essential part of good health

Ensuring that your PH is at equilibrium and not overly acid in nature and getting to know what to eat to achieve this is imperative to your health. Today, there is a lot of conflicting information about what is alkaline and what is acid. In order to differentiate the foods, you could make use of the definitive Acid/ Alkaline food chart. You need to understand that your overall health is determined by the alkali environment balance that is created by feeding on foods such as avocados, tomatoes as well as green vegetables. When your body’s acidity is at equilibrium, you not only have increased strength and stamina, but you also have a stronger immune system.

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Modern Diets & Recipes

Today, technology has advanced a great deal – hence a change in lifestyle. As much as this is a positive change, it comes with health challenges that could be attributed to diets. There is an increased rate of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Nowadays, you find that even kids are suffering from diseases that were a preserve of the elderly. This is simply down to their diet. Consumption of alkali foodstuffs such as fatty acids and vegetables has decreased drastically making way for a generation that is hooked on sugary treats.

This has not only given rise to lifestyle diseases, but it has also reduced the global population life span. When you step into a hospital today, you find that doctors are prescribing the kind of food one should eat besides prescription medicine. People need to do away with all the unhealthy foods and adapt a healthy lifestyle to safeguard their health.  Check out the rest of the site to learn more about an alkaline diet, including what alkaline diet recipes and foods are really good for you, especially the information on our detox diet recipes page.

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